We care about the planet.

In an era defined by the urgent need for sustainability, many industries are stepping up their efforts to adopt eco-friendly practices.
Pandox, the owner of DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City, has recognized the importance of responsible environmental stewardship.

With its unwavering commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and implementing sustainable initiatives, DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City has become a shining example of how style and environmental responsibility can harmoniously coexist. From its innovative energy-saving measures to its dedication to waste reduction, the hotel has made significant strides towards a greener future.

Thanks to all the measures, DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City has once again been awarded with the Green Key certification this year. This environmental responsibility standard is awarded to tourist establishments and organisations that meet a series of environmental criteria. A Green Key award reflects an establishment’s concern for its surroundings and for society.

In this article, we will explore the commendable sustainable actions undertaken by DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels City.

We care for the environment.


PlantC is an initiative that allows companies and citizens to support local planting projects to offset their carbon emissions and increase their positive impact on biodiversity. Everyone can contribute to the rural transition by funding sustainable, local and productive infrastructures: hedges, orchards, agroforestry elements, coppice, miscanthus, etc.

At DoubleTree Brussels, for every €1000 spent on meeting and events, we will plant a tree. 

Since 2021, we've planted 12.010 trees in Belgium.
This represents:

Waste Management

Winnow Vision
Winnow is an innovative system driven by artificial intelligence (AI), which integrates a weighing scale with a cloud-based platform that generates daily reports. Whenever food is placed in the bin, the system records the weight and a camera positioned above the bin automatically recognize the type of food. This enables us to analyse and make necessary adjustments to our menus to reduce food waste.
MCA Recycling
We have identified 10 different waste categories. With the help of MCA Recycling, a Belgian waste management company, and their +20 years of experience, we can better analyse and recycle to improve our waste management.

Guest rooms



Use of cogeneration system

Our cogeneration system enables us to generate our own electricity by collecting and releasing heat.

As a result, we are seeing a reduction of gas, electricity & water consumption, and a average monthly production of

40000kW h

of electricity per month.

Other actions

  • Main lights in the corridor are dimmed during the night.
  • Motion detectors in all our meeting rooms to minimize electricity consumption.
  • Upon check-out, the air conditioning system is automatically set to a predetermined temperature to prevent excessive energy consumption.
  • We've installed flow restrictors that considerably reduce water consumption when using showers (8l/min) and sinks (4l/min).

We care for food.


Our menus are based on seasonal and regional products and try to focus on vegetarian dishes. Fish preparations are made with fish exclusively from MSC certified fisheries.

Revised food & beverages concept

For meeting & events lunches, our chef prepares a cold bowl to which you can add two hot toppings. Our bowls are 70% vegetarian and composed of 30% of animal or vegetal proteins. The content of this bowl changes daily and depends on the available and seasonal ingredients. 

During the day, we encourage you to refuel your body mindfully with nuts, seeds, fruits, and treats from the dispensers located in the coffee break areas.


food waste, thanks to our new bowl concept.

We care for communities.

Giving back to the community

What is the first thing you want to do when you get incredible news? You reach out to someone important to you to share it. What do you do when something terrible happens? Hopefully you seek support from someone close to you.

We rely on those around us for emotional support in good times and bad. As much as this need for connection is ingrained in us, it also goes the other way. This is the essence of giving back to the community - supporting others through the ups and downs of life just as they support you.



We organize fundraising initiatives to support the KickCancer Association, raising funds to support their mission in fighting childhood cancer and improving the lives of affected children and their families.


We provide support to the Shoe-Box campaign run by the charity "La Samaritaine," helping to distribute shoeboxes filled with essential items to those in need and make a positive impact on their lives.

Think Pink

Each year we take part to the annual charity run known as the "Think Pink Race." This event serves as a significant fundraising and awareness campaign for breast cancer research.


We stand for authenticity, warmth and care. So does Zonnestraal VZW with whom we’ve developed a collaboration for a solidarity action. Since a few months, our guests can admire those magnificent and colorful sculptures made by people with disabilities.
Stairs For Life

Stairs for Love

Our team recently participated in the Stairs for Life event at the Belfius Tower on December 7, 2023. Embracing the spirit of this special 'Stairs for Love' edition, we enthusiastically climbed the 696 steps, joining forces in a festive and supportive atmosphere. Our team made its mark, sharing this memorable moment of mutual aid and support for an essential cause.

We care for employees.


Recognizing the significance of well-being in the workplace, Pandox, owner of DoubleTree by Hilton Brussels city, has recently decided to provide its employees in Brussels with a unlimited access to a fitness center in Hotel Hubert, another hotel from the group.



The Care Committee is a group of employees who are committed to fostering a positive and supportive work environment. This committee is focused on implementing projects and initiatives aimed at promoting the well-being and happiness of the staff.

Care Comittee


The use of public transport by our employees is encouraged by reimbursing them for train, bus or metro tickets.

Where possible, teleworking is allowed for employees so that we can reduce transport pollution.

Public Transport

We care for the future.

And we can do better ! We are aware that sustainability plays, more than ever, a significant role in shaping the future of our planet.
We have set objectives to reach in the upcoming future (see below). To help us do so, our property Management Company Pandox
has taken a unique step in the Hospitality industry by hiring one sustainability coordinator for each hotel they own.


• -20% water reduction
by 2024 (reached but maintain).
• -5% (liter per guest/night) from behaviour change measures by 2024.


• -45% CO2 SBTi (electricity per guest/night)
• PMI - 5% from behaviour change measures (electricity per guest/night)

Food Waste

• Reduce by 5%
compared to 2023.

Weight of waste

• Reduce weight of waste
to 1kg per guest/night by 2025
• Reduce weight of waste
to 0.6kg per guest/night by 2030
• Recycle 65% of total
waste by 2025

Towels & linen

• Reduce the total usage per guest/night by -3% compared to 2023.

We care for you.

We are a proud member of the SHA!

Committed to fostering sustainable and responsible practices within the hospitality industry, SHA is a global organization dedicated to creating positive impacts on the environment, local communities, and the well-being of our guests and staff.

As a member of SHA, we adhere to a set of rigorous standards and guidelines that prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic viability. By aligning ourselves with SHA's principles, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, support local communities, and enhance the overall guest experience.